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Advanced Camp Course:
An Adventure in the Out of Doors

Participants will plan in patrols and with Outdoor Education Coaches for their weekend.  
Areas of emphasis may include the following depending on consensus.
  • Compass and Night Compass
  • Cooking over Wood
  • Cooking without Pots and Pans 
  • Crafts – making a walking stick
  • Empowerment of Girls in the Out of Doors
  • Events to keep older girls engaged in Girl Scouting
  • Experimental Cooking
  • Floating Camp Fire
  • Introduction to wilderness first aid
  • Lashing 
  • Muffin Pan Cooking
  • Multi-purpose items for lighter packing
  • Networking with other participants
  • Outdoor Ceremonies
  • Pie Irons
  • Pitching a tent, ground cloth, rain fly
  • Planking
  • Popcorn tin can oven
  • Preparing yourself for backpacking
  • Reflector Oven
  • Setting up for dishwashing 
  • Stick Cooking
  • Staying warm in tents
  • Wish Boats
  • What else?


Materials lists for experimental cooking methods:

PopCorn Tin Oven
1 empty Pop corn tin with lid
1 small rack to fit inside popcorn can
4 aluminum “screen door” handles with screws
12-14” of metal tape (not duct tape) (optional)
Sharpie Marker

Individual Dutch Oven
4 metal pie pans
2 metal screws with wing nuts to fit (3/8” - ½”
2 metal binder clips (1” or larger)

Disposal Muffin Pans
Size that hold 6 muffins – bring two pans
2 metal binder clips 
Icon File Name Comment  
ADVANCED OUTDOOR COOKING 2007.pdf from an Enrichment Training  
BackpackDutchOven.pdf Ind. Dutch Ovens/Muffin Tins  
Can Turkey.pdf Trash Can Turkey  


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Icon File Name Comment  
flag retirement ceremonies.pdf  

Kaper Chart

Attached below is a three-job camping meals Kaper Chart in Word document format.
Fill in the meals and change the smiley faces to something appropriate for your theme.
Save to your computer and print several copies.
Put in page protectors; keep a set near the fire circle, a set near food prep and a set near the eating table and/or dishwashing station.

These are examples of charts that were used for camping weekends:

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Songs and Graces

From Outdoor Trainer Laura Hart:

FYI, here’s a few more good resources for songs… (their songbook is attached, but I also love the website because they have many audio/video clips here to help with tunes; click on the song listing once on the website)  (they also have audio clips for many of the songs)


Icon File Name Comment  
2008 Songs optional reference for Facilitators and coaches.doc  
2012 GSCCC Trefoil Sing Along.pdf  
GIRL-SCOUT-CHORUS-SONGS-2013-14.pdf recommended by Laura  
Graces Book2.pdf Graces to common tunes  
Princess Pat info.pdf Includes historical information  
Simple Graces Sheet.pdf  

Friendship Ashes

Legend has it that Lord Baden-Powell would always take a small amount of ashes from the campfire and spread these ashes into the next campfire. 

Ashes taken from a campfire were sprinkled into the flames of the next campfire. The next morning when the ashes were cold, they were stirred and each person took some with them to mix with the next campfire. 

If more than one person brought ashes to the campfire, the lists were combined, the dates and places of all campfires were recorded and passed on.  It is a tradition that only those actually present at the campfire can receive the ashes. 
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Ash Necklace.pdf  
Ashes Ceremony.pdf