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Who is Troop 267?
What Is Scouting?

Boy Scout Troop 267
(Silver Spring, Pennsylvania)
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What is Troop 267 Like?

Welcome! This will give you a glimpse of what our troop is like. Our troop meetings are open to prospective scouts. Additionally, we visit local Cub scout Packs in the fall to describe our troop. Our Webelos Woods event in November is focused on Webelos participation and its an opportunity for cub scout parents to meet and experience what its like to be part of Troop 267.  

Our Philosophy 
Troop 267 values diversity of interests, backgrounds, education/schools, and religion. Our troop practices the "Boy-led troop" philosophy, which develops independence and leadership. While at some times this isn't pretty, it does promote learning from scouts and patience from Adult Leaders - and that's a beautiful thing.

We expect each of our Scouts to be active, to wear the Scout uniform according to our Troop policy, to practice good manners and behavior, and to do his best to live by the Ideals of Scouting as expressed in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. The benefits of Scouting are many, but only with active participation can a Scout make the most of them.

How Boy Scouting Differs from Cub Scouting 
You may be surprised how different Boy Scouting is from Cub Scouting. But boys of Scout age are very different from boys of Cub Scout age. Here are some key contrasts: 
- The Cub Scout program is family-centered. Adults plan all activities, and many activities lend themselves to full family participation -- The Boy Scout program is youth-centered. Boys plan all activities (with adult guidance), and most activities do NOT lend themselves to family participation (because boys camp and function as patrols under their own elected youth leadership). 
- Adults (usually the youth’s parents) conduct all Cub Scout advancement -- Boy Scouts are responsible for initiating and tracking their advancement. This includes contacting merit badge counselors and ensuring that a responsible leader signs off requirements in the Scout’s Handbook as the skills are demonstrated and Adults other than a youth’s parents conduct all Boy Scout advancement.
- Cub Scout camping is extremely limited, even for Webelos -- Camping is at the heart of the Boy Scout program and is required for advancement. Boy scouts have opportunities to camp-out all year round.

Scouting and Outside Activities 
Our experience shows that the most successful Scouts are those with a variety of activities and interests. We encourage all of our Scouts to be active in music, sports, school, church and other activities. They do their best to attend meetings and camp-outs and we make allowances by adapting the Patrol Method to varying attendance. The Scouts learn to be flexible and to work well with many others, preparing them better for the real world.

Sponsor Organization
Our troop is sponsored by the West Hempfield Fire and Rescue at 3476 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601 and we meet Wednesday evenings at 6:45 PM in their fire hall. 

For more information, please contact our Scoutmaster at: