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Boy Scout Troop 2010
(San Antonio, Texas)
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This troop history was formally started in February 2014 by Hank  Yowell, the first troop Historian appointed to keep records.  That history begins below.  The history up until that point is a very brief and incomplete overview written in retrospect.  The Troop was founded sometime 2010, the hundredth year of Scouting (thus the troop number), by Robert Via and his Assistant Scoutmaster, David LaRoque, both originally from Boy Scout Troop 346.  The first two Scouts were their sons, Chandler Via and Tanner LaRoque.  The first Cub Scouts to join the troop as "Founders" crossed over in the Spring of 2011.  They were:  Pato Naredo, Sam Vatankha, Stephen McNease, Ben Malik, Hank Yowell, Jack Scheupach, Sam Buss, Jacob Allovio, Zach Smith, Oscar Cavazos, Jerret Burrell, and Max Gutierrez

February 2014



Theme:  Wilderness Survival


Troop Activities:  Regular Meetings on the 3rd, 10th, and 17th, and a PLC meeting on the 24th.  Mr. Klose led a bike ride for those Scouts who wanted to participate and use that activity for credit on the Camping merit badge


Camp Out:  21-24 February at Palmetto State Park


Adults:  Mr. Savell, Mr. Ricks, Mr. Yowell, Mr. Malik.  Mr. Klose came for Saturday’s activities but had to leave Saturday evening.


Scouts:  Caleb Harris, Jack Schuepach, Will Endersby, Hank Yowell, Sam Buss (Saturday, Sunday only) Kyle Kose (Saturday only), Stephen McNease, Jeffery Ricks, Paton Nardeo, Evan Biondi, Ben Malik, Zach Harris, Aiden Bankler, Noah Gonzales.


Activities:  Canoe/kayak trip down the San Marcos River.  The trip took was six miles and took 2 hours, 25 minutes.  Everyone went except adults Mr. Ricks and Mr. Savell who stayed in camp to work on rank with new scouts Noah Gonzales and Aiden Bankler.  Saturday night we played capture the flag with another troop camping across from us.  Pato ran the campfire program that night.


Weather:  Some Scouts were cold Friday night but the weather was really nice the whole weekend.



March 2014



Theme:  Sports


Activities:  The boys continued to work on their Camping merit badge.

Troop meetings were on the 3rd, 17th, and 31st and a PLC meeting with a Life to Eagle presentation on the 24th.


Camp Out - Garner State Park, 21-23 March 2014


Adult Leaders – 4, Karl Klose, Craig Savell, Ron Yowell, and Jeff Ricks.


Scouts – 10

Armored Turtles: Pato Naredo, Ethan Savell, Hank Yowell, and

Noah Tostenson. 

Vipers: Evan Biondi, Caleb Harris, and Aidan Brinkler. 

Shadowriders: Kyle Klose, Andy truss, and Jeffrey Ricks.


Activities - Played patrol games including Tag, Infection, and Sharks and Minnows.  Some boys climbed up a 700 feet mountain during the game (something they shouldn’t have done.)  During the afternoon some boys went swimming in the Frio River in the park.  Others played miniature golf at the mini-golf course there are the park.  That evening Hank Yowell hosted a campfire ceremony with skits, songs, and stories.


Weather - Cloudy but warm



April 2014


Theme:  Environment


Activities:  Scouts worked on their Communications merit badge.  Regular troop meetings were held on the 7th and the 21st, a Court of Honor took place on the 14th and a PLC meeting on the 28th.  At the Court of Honor the following Scouts were advanced in rank:  To Scout, Aiden Bankler, Noah Gonzalez, Quinn Porter.  To Star Scout, Sam Buss.  To Life Scout, Ethan Savell.



Camp Out – Ft. McKavett 25-27 April 2014


Adult Leaders – 5, Ron Yowell, Craig Savell, Jeff Ricks, David Harris,

Jamil Malik


Scouts – 12

Armored Turtles:  Pato Naredo, Ethan Savell, Hank Yowell, and

Noah Tostenson

Vipers:  Evan Biondi, Aiden Brinkler, Caleb Harris joined by Ben Malik

Apache/Shadow Riders:  Jeffrey Ricks, Andy Truss,  Nicholas Mayes, joined by Zach Harris


Activities – Ft. McKavett was an old cavalry fort used by the U. S. Army during the Indian Wars.  We all got to sleep in one of the old stone barracks buildings.  On Saturday morning the troop went on a hike.   We saw the spring where the soldiers from the fort got their water and the quarry where they mined the stone to make the buildings of the fort.  After the hike, the fort was hosting a “trade day.”  We watched a blacksmith, box maker, and a seamstress, all doing things the old fashioned way.  After lunch, the troop did a compass game.  The Armored Turtles were the top patrol.  The following scouts were recognized as the top performers at compass:  Pato and Hank with zero misses; Ethan, Noah, and Ben with only one miss.  Later that day, most boys went tubing at Llano state park.  In the evening all the boys played capture the flag.


Weather - Cool in the morning but got hot as the day went buy. Few clouds in the sky.



May 2014



Theme: Wildlife Management


Activities:  Scouts worked on the Personal Management merit badge before regular meetings with Mr. Savell.  The troop held a Garage sale on the 17th  at Churchill Estates as a fundraiser.  Regular Troop meetings were held on the 5th, 12th, and 19th.


Outing:  Quiet Waters Fish Camp, Danbury, TX 23 -25 May 2014


Adults – 8,  Karl Klose, Craig Savell, Ron Yowell, Martin Truss, Jamil Malik, Corky Porter, and Harry Stone.


Scouts - Jake Allovio,  Aiden Bankler, Brett Biondi, Evan Biondi, Noah Gonzalez, Caleb Harris, Zach Harris, Kyle Klose, Ben Malik, Nicholas Mayes, Stephen McNease,

            Diego Naredo, Pato Naredo, Mario Ortiz, Quinn Porter, Jeffrey Ricks,

              Ethan Savell, Jack Schuepbach, Jacob Schwab, Fletcher Seamster, Quinn Stone,

              Andrew Truss, Woods Haydn, and Hank Yowell.



             Activities - The troop camped at Mr. Klose’s brother in law’s private fish camp. 

             Instead of pitching tents the boys slept in a storage area. 

             Each patrol cooked a meal in the lodge kitchen. Some boys worked on the

             Bird Watching merit badge and all the boys fished for bass and catfish.  Everyone emptied

             Crawfish traps and cleaned catfish and deep-fried the cleaned fish. When it got dark the

             scouts had a campfire program organized by Caleb Harris.  Since it was the

             weekend before Memorial  Day, there was also a talk about the meaning of the day and we

             used the fire to retire some small American flags that were damaged when placing

             them on the graves of veterans.


             Weather:  Not bad.  No rain, and not too hot.





                                                                                     June 2014



Theme:  Catch up


Activities:  Scouts continued working on their Personal Management merit badge under Mr. Savell.

Troop meetings on the 2nd, and the 9th, and a PLC meeting on the 30th.


Summer Camp:  Camp Constantin 15-21 June 2014


         Adults:  Karl Klose, Craig Savell, Jeff Ricks, Harry Stone.


         Scouts: Jake Allovio, Aiden Bankler, Noah Gonzalez, Caleb Harris, Kyle Klose,

         Stephen McNease, Diego Naredo, Pato Naredo, Alex Ochoa, Quinn Porter,

         Jack Schuepbach, Quinn Stone, Noah Tostenson, Andrew Truss, Haydn Woods,

         Nicholas Mayes, Jeffrey Ricks, Ethan Savell.

         Activities:  Seven first year scouts attended Summer Camp this year and went to Trail to

         Eagle classes.  As part of Trail to Eagle, they all hiked up Johnson’s Peak and spent the

         night under the stars.  All eleven older Scouts did many different Merit Badges. 

         All of the first year scouts competed in a Build Your Own Boat Race.

         Even though the boat broke in the water they still laughed and had a good time.

         Because of the drought, the lake water level was too low for the Blob, one of the big attractions

         for the Camp when we went two years ago.  But, the guys still found ways to have fun.


         Weather:  IT WAS HOT!!!






                                                                   July 2014



Theme:  Citizenship


Activities:  The Scouts continued to work on their Personal management with Mr. Savell.

The Troop Meetings are on the 7th, 14th, and 21st, and a PLC Meeting on the 28th.


Camp Out:  Ink’s Lake State Park 19-20 July 2014


Adults:  Karl Klose, Craig Savell, Jeff Ricks




Activities:  Trip to a nearby water park. 


Weather:  Warm to hot, no rain.