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Summer Camp 2017 Update #1

This contains guidance on actions that Scouts and their parents need to start on now, concerning PAYMENT, EQUIPMENT, MERIT BADGE SELECTION and PHYSICALS for Summer Camp 2017 at Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch, 18-24 June.  Subsequent updates will provide instructions for travel to camp and the “Packing Day” which will be the day before departure. 

The Leaders Guide is attached.  You will need to open it to see merit badge class schedules and to print off the Merit Badge Pre-Registration form (except first year scouts who will be registered in the Trail To Eagle program).  The guide also provides a wealth of information about the camp, the program, the daily routine and even the daily menu.

PAYMENT:  Payment in full is due no later than the troop meeting on 1 May.  Cost is $315 per scout, $215 per adult.  The extra $15 covers the cost of the “Star Party” at McDonald Observatory and pizza dinner on Thursday night.

EQUIPMENT:  List is published below but a few items I’ll expand on up front.  First year scouts need to bring a pair of long pants for use in the swimming merit badge.  Every Scout needs a cot and a plastic footlocker.  The cot must NOT be more than 75 inches long.  Any longer and it pokes against the tent wall and can tear the tent.  The footlocker should fit under the cot.  Academy and Bass Pro Shop both have plastic footlockers that fill the need. If bringing a padlock (recommended) provide spare key or copy of combination to us on "Packing Day."

Hat and water container (canteen, bottle, Camelbak) are MUST HAVES.  DO NOT PACK in the footlocker or trailer.  Scouts WILL HAVE THESE ITEMS WITH THEM in the car while traveling so they are ON-HAND when we arrive.  It will be awhile before the boys are united with the contents of the trailer so--AGAIN--hats and water with them in the car on the way to camp.  Heat injuries, not snakebite or broken bones, are easily the greatest threat at summer camp.

o Cap or Hat ( A must)

o Sunscreen

o Canteen or Water Bottle (A must)

o Toothpaste and toothbrush

o Soap & Shampoo

o Toilet articles

o Towel

o Scout Uniform

o T-shirts

o Socks (three pair at least)

o Shorts or pants

o Belt

o Shoes or good hiking boots

o Underwear

o Swim suit

o Battery powered fan w/ spare batteries (recommended)

o Bedroll or sleeping bag (recommend two sheets and very light blanket)

o Pillow

o Cot not longer than 75 inches

o Flashlight with spare batteries 

o Cup

o Work gloves for project

o Spending money ($50 - $75 in small bills)

o Day pack for day hikes (optional)

o Footlocker w/lock

o Poncho or rain suit

o Boy Scout Handbook

o Folding camp chair


MERIT BADGE SELECTION:  Page 58 of the BTSR Leader’s Guide has a registration form for merit badge classes. The merit badge schedule of classes is on pages 59 and 60.  Print the registration form and fill it out with merit badge class selections (along with second choice).  Give that form to Harry Stone no later than 27 April. 

First year Scouts will be in the Trail to Eagle program all day.  They will be checked off on 41 different rank requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class Scout and First Class Scout, as well as complete requirements for two Eagle Required merit badges:  First Aid and Swimming (remember, bring a pair of longs pants for the swimming class).

  EVERY boy must have a physical to go to camp.  Follow this link to the physical forms you need.  We will see if we can get physicals done by a physician at a meeting before camp, but that's not a guarantee.  Here's the link:

More info will follow.

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BTSR-Leaders-Guide-2017.pdf Info on camp, merit badge class forms, equipment, fees  

Summer Camp Update

1. We will meet at the church on Saturday (6/17) at 10 am to load the trailer and collect items from the campers.  Scouts should have their lock boxes completely packed, and their cots and chairs ready to be loaded when they arrive.  Things they need to NOT pack in their lock box: small backpack with water and hat, money, medications, anything else they want to bring in car for drive.

2. Parents need to bring an envelope with $75 in $1's and $5's, this is money for your scout during camp for merit badge materials, snack bar, and lunch on the way home.  Scout leaders will hand out the money as needed during the week to your scout. We prefer not to hand the scouts large bills because change can fall out of pockets. However, if that is what we are provided, that is what we will hand them. We are not responsible for money lost by scouts while at camp. Please, bring the money in an envelope on Saturday to the church.

3. Parents need to bring any medications for their scout in a well-marked bag with instructions as to dosage and times. Scout leaders (or camp medic) will hand out the medication to your scout during the week.  Bring this to church on Saturday.

4. If your scout has a lock on their lock box, you need to write the combination on a piece of paper and give this to one of the scout leaders.

5. We will depart the church at 6 am on Sunday (6/18).  Scouts need to be on time and in Class A uniform.  It is an approx. 6 h drive and we need to arrive at BTSR at noon,so it is important that we leave on time.  Car assignments will be given out the week before we leave, and are final.  Adult drivers are still needed at this time.

6. We anticipate leaving BTSR around 9 am on Saturday (6/24) to return to San Antonio, it puts us returning here around 3-4 pm in the afternoon.  I need telephone numbers from parents (if I don't already have them) so your scout can inform you what time he will need to be picked up as we get close to San Antonio.

7. Please emphasize to your scout that they need to conform to true scout behavior during summer camp.  Any behavioral issues will result in me calling a parent to come pick their scout up.

8. The summer camp experience is a special scout experience.  NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES will be allowed once we arrive at BTSR, they are fine for the drive up and back.  I have told the scouts about this, and any deviation will result in me confiscating the device, it will be returned to the scout for the return trip.  Scouts may want to bring cards, a football, or any other game to play during downtime.

9. The Merit Badge Schedule for every summer camp attendee will be attached to the next update.Please make a copy and send it with your scout.  I will not have enough copies for every scout and they need to know their schedule for the week.

10. You can call or text me if you need to communicate with your scout during the week.You can send a care package for your scout to Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch (BTSR), the information for this can be found in the attached information packet from the camp.
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CON Program Guide 2014.pdf  

Summer Camp Guidance


-          Merit Badge Classes:  The scouts will be informed of the merit badge courses they were signed up for.

   Equipment:  The equipment list from BTSR can be found attached to another message:

       - Scouts should bring a cot, preferably tall enough to fit his lockbox underneath.  In addition it is highly suggested to bring some sort of sleeping pad.  

       -   Most of the boys who have already been to summer camp have a plastic footlocker from Academy or Bass Proshops.  It’s lightweight, waterproof and sturdy enough.  There are other footlockers with wheels that make them easier to drag, but wheels are a convenience, not a necessity.If scout has a padlock, parent must supply the adult leaders with the combination, in case the scout loses it and can't get into his gear.

       - Your son MUST have a hat and a means of carrying water.  These are standard—and enforced—camp rules to prevent heat/sun injuries.

       - He should bring a camp chair. 

Everything your son needs for camp should fit into his footlocker or duffle bag except his cot, camp chair and pillow—if he wants to hold the pillow out for the drive.  

   Spending Money:  We recommend your Scout bring $75 cash in fives and tens.  We will hold that for them and dole it out as needed.  There will be various expenses at camp, including snacks at the snack bar and lunch on the road home.   Also, some craft merit badges require purchase of a kit or supplies, and there is a charge for Ammo for shooting merit badges. 

More information will follow

Summer Camp Advice

1.  Review the leader guide PDF
2.  Deadline to have all merit badge selection sheets to Mr. Stone 1 May
3.  BTSR does not provide tents
4.  Website:
5.  Consider writing letters upfront and send via troop 2010 mail call
Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch
16400 Ranch Road 1832
Fort Davis, TX 79734
6.  Adults going need to fill out application
7.  Need to do face to face YPT training by State of TX
8.  All scouts and adults need a physical during this calendar year
9.  Emergency Phone at camp: BTSR phone number is (432) 426-3709. 

POC for this event is Mr. Stone
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