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Boy Scout Troop 1373
(Palos Hills, Illinois)
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A message from Brad

  I commend Connor and Danny on their presentation on Cyber Bullying!  It is a topic that can effect each of us.  I want all of you to be careful on the internet.  Dont talk to strangers.  If you know that someone is being bulllyed please tell your parents,teacher SPL(lol) Scoutmaster or Adult you trust( MR Dore)  As your on the internet remember the 3 people that were talked about and what that did to them.  Remember WORDS CAN HURT!!!!  A scout is not a bully!!!!  A scout is trustworthy kind courteous cheerful friendly helpful BRAVE!!!! 

  I just wanted to share with you scouting thru my eyes!!!  My scout experience has not always been a great one.  This is my 3rd Troop.  Not everyone knows this but I was bullied in my first Troop. In that Troop we did not have patrols it was a small troop.  Our leaders were not as involved as our leader in 1373.  We were working in knots and the spl and Jr asst scoutmaster thought it would be a good idea to tie my hands and feet up with a stick behind my back.  I got out the first time but they decided to tie the rope tighter and I tried to get out and fell .  I had rope burns on my arms and hit my head on the cement.  I was out of it for a little bit.  I did leave that Troop.  This my not be Cyber Bullying but it was bullying.  I am glad that I was not seriously Hurt.  I did stay in scouts obviously and we will not not talk about the troop in between but is there were some of our parents put their heads together and started 1373.  Our youth leader were in that Troop Me James and Gio were that Troop.  I think of all of us at 1373 as second family to me! We have our crazy uncle (Mr Dore) our candy sneaking diet Mt dew drinking blue and yellow blooded other crazy uncle( Mr WEISEY) then the crazy older BRo ( Mr R Alaniz) our pesky sister (Ms A Alaniz)  And then there is Mr Litton that give us the kudos we need and that post card that just comes at the right time.  This is to just name a few of Mi FAmilia!!!! Together we bleed green and white!!!  1373 is the place to be!!!!!

Take Care Comb your Hair
SPL 1373