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Boy Scout Troop 1372
(Manassas Park, Virginia)
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Troop 1372 Personal Packing List

Hey Scouts, now is your chance to be squared away and ready to go like this Storm Trooper. Use the Troop 1372 personal packing list to get ready for the outdoors! Also check out the packing lists in the BSA Handbook and Fieldbook. See you on the trail!  

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Personal Packing List.pdf  

Patrol Camping Menu and Duty Roster

Troop 1372 Patrol Duty Roster and Menu

Hey Patrols, Here is a way to "Be Prepared" for the next camping trip!  An all-in-one document for the Duty Roster, Menu and Grocery List.

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Troop1372_ScoutCampingTrip_Prep.pdf Patrol Camping Menu and Duty Roster  

You can also download this pamphlet below if you don't have your handbook yet.

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Child Abuse Pamphlet.pdf A Parent's Guide To Child Abuse Pamphlet  

THIS JUST IN!!! Chuck Box & Wash Bin Instructions

Soon to be filed on the documents & forms page
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If you haven't filled out a photo release form yet for your son please download the document below, fill it out and give it to one of the troop leaders.




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Photo Release Form.pdf Troop 1372 Photo Release Form  
In order to go on any overnight camping trip sections A and B of the BSA medical form must be filled out by a parent and a copy given to the troop to keep on file. If your son is going to attend summer camp then section C must also be filled out by your family doctor. If you need a medical form you can download one here.

A copy of the form can be given to your any troop leader.
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Medical Form - Fillable 2014.pdf  

BSA Activity Consent Form

Here is the official Boy Scouts of America activity consent form. It's the "permission slip" that each scout needs to complete and have signed by his parents before any outdoor activity other than troop meetings. Use this form for day hikes, camporees, weekend camping trips, summer camp, etc. Also attached is the Troop's annual consent form for 2016-2017.

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BSA 2014 Activity Consent Form 19-673.pdf BSA Activity Consent Form  
Troop 1372 Activity Consent Form 2016-2017.pdf Troop 1372 2016-2017 Activity Consent Form  

Tour Planning Worksheet

Need file a Tour & Activity Plan for an upcoming outing?  Go here to learn more about how to do just that: 

If you already know how or just want to jump in then you can go to to file a new plan.  Log in and on the left you will see a link for Tour & Activity Plan.  Follow the directions and file your plan.  If you are having problems with the system I suggest using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. 

This plan needs to be filed by one of the adult leaders (usually either an ASM or the Troop Committee) prior to the event. It's our official BSA permission as a troop to go "out of area."
There is no approval back from Council.  Once the plan is filed simply print that and take it with you on the trip!


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Tour Planning Worksheet.pdf Tour Planning Worksheet  

Troop 1372 Bylaws



   Attached below are the current Troop Bylaws that were approved by the Troop Committee on May 22, 2016.  The purpose of the Bylaws is to explain Troop 1372 specific procedures and policies over and above BSA guidelines.  Some stuff we do is unique to us and the Bylaws give us the scoop!  
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Troop 1372 ByLaws May 22 2016.pdf Troop 1372 Bylaws May 22, 2016  

Activity Permission Slip

See file below for editable .doc file permission slip for troop events
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Troop permission slip.doc Troop Event Permission Slip  

BSA Uniform Inspection Sheet

Attached below is the uniform inspection sheet. You can use it to check and see if your uniform is all set. The troop typically holds an Annual Uniform Inspection.   

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Adult Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet.pdf Adult Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet  
Boy Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet.pdf Boy Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet  

Patch Sewing

Campfire Program Planner

    You just got put in charge of a campfire?  You are in luck! Below is the campfire program planner.
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Campfire Planning Guide.pdf Campfire Program Planning Guide  

Troop Meeting Planning Guide


Here is a Troop Meeting Planning Guide.

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Troop Meeting Planning Guide.pdf Troop Meeting Planning Guide  

Journey to Excellence Requirements

This is the current BSA Journey to Excellence form with all of the troop objectives we need to acheive the gold level.  

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JTE_Troop_Requirements 2012.pdf Troop Journey to Excellence Standards  

Troop Campout Planning Checklist

This is the outdoor activity checklist for the lucky adult leader in charge of organizing a troop campout.
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Troop Campout Checklist.pdf Troop Campout Checklist  

Friends of Scouting


Attached is the Friends of Scouting brochure.  This is the capital campaign program to help support scouting and provide the best program possible for our boys. 

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Friends of Scouting Brochure 2011.pdf Friends of Scouting brochure