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Getting Started

Our scouting year commences each September and runs through late April with multiple summertime pack activities planned and offered.  However, boys can join at any time and in any grade.

There are five dens, broken out by grade level and each is led by an adult volunteer who's met all of the BSA training requirements.  These five dens are:
Tigers (Grade 1)
Wolves (Grade 2)
Bears (Grade 3)
Webelos 1 (Grade 4)
Webelos 2 (Grade 5)
Note that during the Tiger year, boys must have a parent/guardian or responsible adult present to participate in the meeting with him.  Also note that the boys of the Webelos 2 den leave Cub Scouting in February and - hopefully - move on to the next level, Boy Scouts.

Our annual recruitment "Round-up" is held in the first half of September, but boys are welcome to join at any time.  Annual dues are $40 due in September and include registration with BSA, a subscription to Boys Life magazine, and accident insurance. 

Families are also responsible for the initial outlay for uniform - scout shirt, basic patches, neckerchief, and handbook - with an approximate cost of $55 and available at the Council's store at 630 Janet Avenue, Lancaster, PA.  All subsequent awards, books and neckerchiefs are provided at the Pack's expense.